About Me

Hi! I am Julica Ortlinghaus.

Prior to launching my Youth Empowerment Program, I had a fulfilling career as a successful corporate lawyer, working in various countries worldwide. Though I enjoyed my job, I began to sense that there was something lacking and I desired to make a significant impact on the world. That’s when I decided to get involved in women’s empowerment initiatives in India and Turkey, which taught me that to truly empower someone, it’s essential to start early in life.

During this phase, I discovered the power of personal development and mindset work, and I became passionate about it, wondering why I hadn’t learned these concepts as a child or adolescent. I realized that mindset is the foundation for many aspects of life, and questioned why the personal development industry mainly focuses on adults when our core beliefs and thoughts are formed in childhood. The sooner young people are exposed to universal principles, the better they can consciously create the life of their dreams.

This realization led me to my life purpose: to transform lives through youth empowerment, enabling young people to live their dreams and soar. To achieve this goal, I became a certified transformational trainer of the Success Principles by Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, and Chairman of the Canfield Training Group. I completed an intensive professional training program with Jack Canfield, where I learned how to teach experientially the principles of success and facilitate group transformation. Jack Canfield is a renowned author of several New York Times Bestsellers, including “Success Principles” and “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, and an expert from the movie “The Secret.”

I am presently residing in Mallorca, a stunning island in Spain, along with my wonderful and supportive spouse and our two absolutely adorable children.

If I have to regret anything in my life it is that I didn´t learn about the concept of personal growth and the incredible power that lies in each of us at an early age. Had I been aware of and utilized the principles of success from a young age, it would have saved me from numerous painful life decisions, from drifting through life and sabotaging myself with negative self-talk rather than actively pursuing my specific goals, purpose and living my wildest dreams.

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